Tuesday, August 30, 2016


So this weekend was my birthday! YAY! For the longest time I didn't like my birthday because it was always the week of the first day of school. Not exactly how I would want to spend my birthday right? Ugh. At least this year it was on a Friday! AND (another good thing about being in Idaho) I had friends to celebrate with! Although it was hectic and a little stressful getting everyone together and making sure Boy got his homework done... I'm glad I got to see some friends. Not only that but I got some awesome presents!!

My friends from Utah came up, which was exciting. They are like my family away from family. When I first started school Jekka was my room mate and I soon after became her mom's first "adopted" daughter. So they came up, we made a bunch of noise late into the night and then went to The Snakebite which is THE best burger place EVER. If you want to contest that, be my guest! I have yet to find a place that is even remotely as good of a burger as The Snakebite. Not just the burgers, but the salads, fries, onion rings and even steak is delicious. Maybe because the meat literally lives down the street? I had the Cowboy Burger. It's probably my new favorite next to their signature burger. Oh and I got surprised with some chocolate cake! Oh my goodness!!! I haven't had chocolate cake that moist and delicious since The Big Daddy Chocolate Cake from Firebirds. Yum!

So my friends were all able to come and I finally was able to meet their new adorable babies. I got an awesome Eevee Pokemon evolution keychain and a handmade clay keychain of Kate a Bate! It's so stinkin cute!

Isn't it so cute?!

I also got some amazing things from family. Boy got me a Square device so that I can take cards when I set up a booth at a con or craft fair, and the parents bought me some awesome stuff I wanted from Amazon. I GOT A NESSIE LADLE! 

All in all, it wasn't a bad birthday. I think the best one was the surprise Harry Potter Birthday Boy did for me. It really was awesome being he is a muggle and all... That boy is the best when he actually plans. Haha. 

That's all I got today. It's been pretty busy as I try to motivate myself to finish unpacking and cleaning up the apartment. Hopefully I can get some sort of routine here soon. Until next week!