Sunday, March 30, 2014


My dog. I love her.
She is visiting my place right now for about 2 weeks and I love it. I don't care if she barks at every move the neighbors upstairs make, or I have to pick up after her outside. She is my fluffy puppy and brings me lots of smiles. I just have to convince Bryan to let her sleep in the bed now. ;) Hehehe.
We have so much fun together.

Like making Kate burritos and taking naps together.

There's car rides to the park and long fun walks.

I mean, she is family...

Today it snowed, which normally after a beautiful week of snow free weather and hopes of spring right around the corner, would have bothered me. However, I came home from church to a puppy full of love and excitement to see me. We went outside and played in the snow, which I think she really enjoyed!! 

 I think she had more fun eating the snow...
No mom, the striped socks weren't visible during church. I had on taller boots...

Kate is so much fun and I'm so glad she got to be here with us, even if it is just for two weeks. She's a good dog. A pound dog. And she makes me happy. So that's my life's lemon-aide for today.