Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bike Weather

Today is short and sweet because I'm feeling bleh from an art project going sour and my poor Japanese....
BUT... Lately the weather has been beautiful and no snow has been around, but once. I rode my bike to school today and was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED because I haven't ridden since oh.... September? Maybe October.... Either way, I'm just glad it was warm and sunny enough for me to ride around on my bike. I also got to go to the sore today on my bike which means I used my baskets and filled them with groceries. Which made me happy because it wasn't a complete waste to get two baskets on my bike. :) Reminds me of my mission.

Tomorrow we are having an archery tournament which should be fun. I'm thinking we need to do this every other week or something in the class to keep things exciting. I also shot two arrows at once today to goof off and have fun. Sunny, warm days make everything better.