Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I know I haven't written in a while. After I finally got into school last September officially, things were so busy. Aside from my music and textiles class, I ended up staying at school in the sewing lab until 10pm every Tuesday and Thursday for my advanced sewing class. Whew! It was exhausting, but I'm done with my sewing classes that I would like to take. I am tempted to take Pattern Making next semester though... as scary as that sounds. We will see. 

After the semester ended, we moved south! Boy got a paid internship with the church! We were pretty excited. Unfortunately his hours aren't the best (3 days of 12 hour midnights) but at least he has the rest of the week off. I ended up signing up for 6 credits online myself. I'm in 2 art classes, prerequisites for any other campus art classes. No matter what, these art classes are online which really bothers me. I don't learn well online and have a hard time with disciplining myself to sit at the computer and watch 5 videos of a teacher who sounds like he is bored out of his mind, then read:
Everything in red on the side.... Just for this week....

Yeah, it's a challenge. Even more so because I've already taken drawing 1, but they wouldn't transfer it over. *rolls eyes* Life of a transfer student. 

Anywhoz, so I got sick last week and I have no idea what I had. Sore throat, nausea, fever like symptoms, but no fever... It was weird. I had no energy and felt really weak. Finally I started to feel a little better and I decided to take a detox bath.
I decided to go all out with a bath, facial and hair scrub. These are things you can do at home too!

So I decided to try out this pin someone had posted of taking a 1/2 a lemon with 3-4 drops of honey on it and rubbing it on my black heads. I also took some aloe gel and loaded up the dark circles under my eyes. Left that on for a few minutes or so and after washing my face, it felt so great. With a few drops of lotion on the dry areas, it looked like I wasn't even sick and my skin was nice and soft.

Hair Scrub:
My scalp was really itchy because of my eczema, the dry area we live in and cold winter air. I found this pin on Pintrest and decided, why not?
After following the image to the original website, I found all the ingredients and instructions on what I needed to do. I decided to blend it up in the mixer to make the oatmeal finer and it felt so good to scrub it on my scalp. It was a bit challenging, but my hair is finally back to being thick, soft and feeling so healthy. It no longer itches or feels brittle. Loved it!

Detox Bath:
I decided to do this one last. Now, if you've never done a detox bath before (which I hadn't) there's a few things to know. The website linked there goes into more detail, but your bath needs to be HOT. You probably shouldn't eat too much before or after. You will be dizzy if you get up too fast and you need to drink water! I went through about 4 cups of water right after I got out. However I felt fantastic for the rest of the day and energy to finally go out with Boy. For my bath, I did lemons and ginger, but here are some other ideas you can do with their benefits:
Like I said, you might feel dizzy, so get up slowly and rest a little bit before doing anything else for the day. You'll feel fantastic though. I loved it! It was so great! We decided to celebrate with me feeling better with some crepes. Found this awesome hole in the wall shop which was fantastic! They had Nutella shakes!! YUM!!!! It was a good day.
I guess I should do homework now... *sigh*