Monday, June 2, 2014

Gardening and Flowers

I haven't written in a while because I've been busy getting the contract and legal things out of the way for this book I'm illustrating. Then I'm also going to start school in the fall and I've been trying to figure out what classes I need to/want to take, when registration is, etc. It's been busy for sure.

So I may or may not have posted about flower before, but oh well, you're going to hear it again. :P I've never really been any good at gardening and planting things. I always tended to kill them or they just don't grow because of my lack of knowledge in such subject. My dad's favorite story to tell is when I was little, I had a greenhouse from like McDonald's Happy Meal or something and we watered it for like two weeks and nothing grew. He finally asked me jokingly, "Are you sure there's a seed in there?" and my innocent little toddler self asked, "What's a seed?"

Yeah, embarrassing. Anywhoz, I've tried to grow things, flowers and stuff in our family garden, but if it wasn't for mom or dad (I'm sure the humidity of the area helped too) my plants probably wouldn't have gone far. Since then, on my own if I tried to grow things, I would try and do what the instructions told me, but I always thought plants were those kinda things you just do once, let it be, check on it every so often and it'll just do it's thing. No maintenance required. Haha... I've at least learned since then that they don't require at least as much attention as Kate does. It's not like I have to take it on a walk everyday. So far, I've been able to grow green onions...

So I planted tulips in the fall, which never sprouted this spring. So I had a friend come over and teach me how to grow things. She's a horticulture major and definitely not afraid of dirt. Even in a skirt. Awesome. So, we found my tulip bulbs about a foot under dirt (they are only supposed to be about 2-3 inches under...) and I'll try to plant them again next fall maybe. I bought some dahlia bulbs and we planted those in the pots instead. Later that week, I found some cute little lavender type flower bulbs to plant at K-Mart. They are supposed to bloom in the late spring, so it was a little late, but looking at the bulbs, they seemed to already be blooming. Now they are all so cute with their little blossoms!

The other Dahlia's in the pots haven't bloomed like the one on the right, so I'm a little nervous, but we will see. I've been trying to give them sun as much as I can, but the tree's are in the way. We'll see. Dahlia's aren't supposed to bloom until summer anyway, so maybe I have some late bloomers?

I even took some of the lavender type flower bulbs and decided to try something from Pintrest. So far it seems to be working! It should be rather pretty for our window when they bloom.

Cool huh? I haven't watered them yet today. I've been trying to be good about remembering to water them. It's so dry out here, I have to water them everyday! I can't even remember to drink water myself, let alone give some to my plants. lol I can't wait for them to bloom though. It'll be exciting. In other good news, I have also managed to keep my clover plant alive since March!

Isn't it pretty?! :) I'm excited that it's still alive. I was afraid it wouldn't last long at all, but it's still goin' strong and it's getting so big! I might have to put it in a bigger pot, but I'm nervous about that. Every time I change pots, things die at that point due to the shock... So we will see. I'll have to ask my friend about it again and maybe she can help. Hehe.

Well, that's my happy point for today. Just watching them grow and waiting for the blooms. Course a watched pot never boils... lol If you have any suggestions or tips from me, let me know! Please!!