Thursday, September 26, 2013


So, I loved to cook and bake before I left for Japan. Then I got to Japan and realized that they use the metric system and didn't have ANYTHING box mixed or anything I really needed to bake or cook anything American... Go figure. So it took me a while to learn to cook, but I finally got around the Japanese kitchen after a few months and enjoyed cooking again. I fly back to America after 18 months and forget how to cook again... Oi. Not to mention I didn't know any of the correct English terms for any vegetables or other cooking items anymore.... "Oh! It's a bellpepper!!! That's what you call it!"

Well, I'm married now and I've had to learn how to cook pretty fast again because heaven help us, I don't think I could eat pizza, ramen, hamburger helper and macaroni and cheese for the rest of my life.... Not to mention the boy almost set the place on fire by not watching a pot of boiling water and butter.... Bless his heart....

I've been searching EVERYWHERE I can for recipes. The majority coming from Pintrest. I did find a website/blog that I have taken quite a liking to! Not only does she make delicious and amazingly easy desserts, but dinners, appetizers, lunch and breakfasts!! They're all super easy to read and even printable unlike a lot of the websites I end up at after following Pintrest around....

I wish I had more of an elaborate way to display her website other than the URL, but I am not as keen on the ways of HTML as my husband... I just wish to share her amazing talent with everyone:

Thank you Chef-In-Training. You have saved me from kitchen disaster.

Not to mention this weeks post was all about apples... I can't tell you how many apples I have from our Bishop's house to somehow get rid of before they rot. Oi.