Friday, December 6, 2013

Being Pampered

I've been fighting an on-coming cold these past few weeks and it looks like it has overcome me. I'm still trying hard to stay energetic and moving instead of being in the house all day mopey in bed. Disinfecting everything, wearing my little Japanese face masks all around the house (too embarrassed to wear it out...). It hurts when I sneeze and kills my throat every time I cough. I've been trying to take some medicine for it, but I'm scared to take sleepy pills because I have to wake up early in the mornings. :( I hope that maybe tonight or Saturday night I can take some and sleep in.

Through all this, Boy has been helping as much as he can between school work, finals and the stress/drama of the area right now. *rolls eyes about the drama* Anywhoz, I absolutely love it when he pampers me and does things for me knowing that I am sick. I mean who doesn't like to get pampered? Even just his hugs and a kiss on the forehead after I finish a round of sneezes or painful coughing makes me feel better. I guess that's where the whole "kiss it better" came from too. Knowing someone loves you, when they "kiss it better" as a kid, you know is the best medicine ever. I love it when he makes me drink water, knowing that I don't drink enough as I should... All the little things he does letting me know he cares about me and wants me to get better.

Now if it would just warm up again... but I guess now that it is December and it started snowing, that won't happen for a long time. =/ At least I'll be at home soon, where there may be ice and threats of "end of the world" cold, but it definitely won't be anywhere near the negatives.... maybe not even the 20s.... And the wind won't be as crazy piercing as it is here.