Thursday, August 15, 2013


(ugh... it's so hard to write something positive when everything you think is negative...)

So I've been thinking about what to write next and I've finally come to this.


Not my own! (Not to say I don't eventually want kids, but right now is NOT the time...)

1. Our friend whom we will call Trace has a 2 1/2 year old little boy who we will call Jay. I had the opportunity yesterday to babysit him. Mind you, I have not babysat any kids in a very VERY long time... like over 3 or 4 years? (A little background: As a missionary, as to avoid legal issues, we aren't allowed to really get involved with kids. Soooo, coming back home to a job where kids come and paint and are all around, was kinda a kick in the face.) ANYWHOZ, it had been a long day at work, being only my second day of training, and I was completely exhausted. I had just enough time to go home and change clothes before going to babysit. When I got to Jay's house, it's as if my exhausting day was made a whole lot better. We watched Toy Story, played cars, made a fort and bridge for the cars, we played outside and Jay wouldn't stop asking me to tickle him! Every other care in the world went away as Jay kept asking me to play with him on the playground slides. Too stinkin' cute.

2. The reason I am posting this today, is because I had the opportunity at work today to speak to some kids. There were 4 girls and 1 boy and they were all gathered around the register waiting for their food. I started talking to them and asking them if they were hungry and it was a nice little chat. I like to talk to kids. They aren't crazy dramatic when they're little, easy to talk to and very easily amused. They will always be your friend if you'll be theirs and just plain fun. Not only do the kids get their little sweet tortilla treat in their meal, but they also have all the fun! I realized all this while talking to the kids at the register who totally made my night as they talked about the farm work that they do at home. (I also realized even more how much of a city girl I am...)

All in all, maybe I enjoy being around kids because I can't be one anymore. So being with them makes me forget the responsibilities in life. We always get so caught up in the drama, stress and responsibility of the world, we sometimes forget as adults to stop, smell the flowers, dance, color on the sidewalk or take some time on the swings at the park and feel the wind in our hair, close our eyes and pretend we are flying. It's as if everything will be ok. Because it will.

I did have a cute collage that I made of a few kids whom have made me smile, but it got corrupted somehow and I'm too tired to try making it again in Photoshop. So.... maybe I'll edit this page later with a real picture. For now, have a cute little anime girl who is proud of her two lost front teeth.... her name is Kaga, Rin. She makes me smile too.

EDIT: Boy fixed the pictures... So now you get a picture of Rin, AND some real kids!!