Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I know, I know!! Pintrest?!
Before you say anything though....

I really am glad that Pintrest is around. If you have ever seen my Pintrest or are friends/following  my Pintrest page, you know that I pin A LOT of things.... Here's the difference though; there's those people that pin things and go, 'that would be cool' and never go do it. Then there's me who are looking for ideas for dinner, cleaning, cooking etc. and actually put to use the things I pin. If it doesn't work or I don't like it, I delete it! Simple as that.
Not to say that I don't have those boards on Pintrest that I don't do anything with, like pictures of cute puppies and geeky cosplays, but those have their uses too for when I need something happy. Which is why my husband doesn't mind that I spend so much time on the website. :)

Now, I have over 3,500 pins on Pintrest and I haven't gone through all of them, but I'm working my way through them. It may seem like a crazy mess to those OCD organized people, but it's not. It's rather organized as best it can be.
I've got food organized by Breakfast, Dinner, Bread, Dessert, Drinks and Cookies. After that, it's holiday stuff which I use all the time to decorate with what I can around the house. Gardening, Kids stuff, Color Swatch ideas for art inspiration, Home decor page, dream home page for when we are rich (every girl has a dream home right?), Girly stuff like make up and clothes, then geeky things!
Well, I've done a lot of things, like make an awesome paint swatch dry-erase calendar for the house, organized the lids to my pots in the kitchen on the wall, made a family command center and even an archery case for my bow! My parents came to visit last month and with help from dad's handy stud finder, I put up a crate shelf in the bathroom for the towels. I also got a lot of birthday, Christmas, baby shower and wedding gifts from here. Made this for a friend:
Right now I'm cleaning my dishwasher and I found this awesome website where this girl tells you how to clean and organize your house. I used it yesterday to figure out Katniss hair, clothes and make up so I can look like an awesome TA in Archery class. :) I'm also using a recipe from Pintrest for dinner tonight! We'll see if it actually turns out yummy or not!
I've had a lot! Not as funny as the ones you see online, but I have had some that just haven't turned out. Especially when it comes to recipes! I post all my good recipes on my other blog. We've luckily only had to completely throw out one recipe due to some REALLY overpowering nutmeg that the recipe called for. I mean I like nutmeg, but that much on pasta?... YUCK! 
We ended up ordering pizza for the night.
So far, that dinner was the worst of it. Every once in a while I'll go through them and find that they just aren't worth the time and effort that the crafts and dinners actually take, so I end up deleting a lot and not even trying them out. A lot of the recipes and DIY stuff seem skeptical that I add it to a special "Blog It!" board because I just have to try it out and see if it actually works.
A lot of the time when it comes to "Pintrest Fail"s, people either don't follow the recipe/directions correctly, they don't take their time and can think they can skip a step, etc. So though funny, sometimes, people just need to be patient when it comes to crafting and I think anyone can do it. Also, if something looks impossible, (crazy ingredients, totally detailed, completely time and money consuming, etc.) don't do it! Know what you're capable of and anything is possible.

What do you find and create on Pintrest?