Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Now normally, I am not a fan of the rain. I don't like this whole.... partially getting wet thing. I either wanna be in a pool or dry as a bone, but not this in between madness that ruins my hair and make up unexpectedly. I like to know when it is going to rain, so then I don't plan on wearing anything white either. That could be hazardous to everyone.

So, I woke up this morning to rain, I knew it was going to be a rainy day and upon looking at my iPhone it's supposed to be a rainy 2 days. Being this is the desert, I knew that the rain would probably be on and off and nothing really alarming like it does back home where it will rain for like.... 4 months straight. Okay maybe that is exaggerating, but it does rain a LOT. Also when it rains it is humid and sticky and muggy afterwards.  Which, despite the majority of the population, I love humidity. (Lotion? What's that?)

Anywhoz, I went to see Bryan at school today for lunch and it started to rain. Big. Fat. Drops. Everyone of course, started to run for cover and towards the buildings, but Bryan and I were quite content slowly walking to where he needed to go next. It was nice to walk in the rain. It reminded me of old times and Oshkosh when we splashed around the in puddles while everyone was huddled in the buildings. Psh. It's just water. It'll dry. It was nice to feel the storm breeze coming through. Though it's not hot and humid, it's still nice to have rain like that. It's been raining like such on and off all day after lunch. I think this is the longest it's rained ever out here! (another dramatic exaggeration) We enjoyed ourselves.