Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting My Art Out There!

I am SO excited!!

So, not only have I been contacted to do more art for someone and their DnD group again, but I have just officially gotten a potential job drawing the chapter headings and possibly the cover art for a children's first chapter book. YUP!

We are at a close family friend's house, celebrating the birth of their new baby girl, and as we are talking I bring up how I finally have Photoshop. So one of the grandmother's there, grabs my attention asking, "You're an artist?" She goes on to explain how she has written a children's first chapter book and needs someone to do the chapter heading art and possibly the cover art for her book. She sent me the story and I've read it and I'm totally working on a bunch of sketches for her right now. It's awesome! I'm really excited to finally be doing something that is actually kinda big and will be out there on shelves in a bookstore! I mean how cool is that?! Deadline is by the beginning of April. I hope she likes what I do. She looked at my art gallery online and there were a few pictures that she really enjoyed, so I'm working off those to make her characters. Yay!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So I haven't written in a long time... hehe...

I went home for Christmas. It was stressful and busy and not quite the "vacation time" I was looking for, but it was nice to be back with family and the humidity and familiar places. Not to mention the humidity... my hair was marvelously luscious and thick and my skin cleared up and was smooth...

Upon being back, I cried a little... but it was nice to be back with my Boy in our nice small tiny apartment for 2. It was clean and kinda smelled funny, but it was OUR apartment. I decided it's time to make it more of OUR apartment and rearrange. So I did, and now I feel better and more at ease that there isn't this huge desk in the way of everything. It's much roomier (if that's even possible in these quarters...) for people to come over for Anime nights and whatnot. I like it. :)

I got back into archery at the school and became an "unofficial T.A." for the class. It's kinda fun to hear Redd tell the students, "See this girl here? She's the re-curve master. You need to talk to her if you want to know how to shoot right." For the first few weeks, I had a few groups of girls (2-4 at a time) gather together as I coached them as best I could on how to stand, form, shoot, aim and be good. I'm rather proud at my teaching because compared to last year watching the students when they  first shoot a re-curve bow... they always hit the curtain, the floor, no where NEAR where they wanted to be. Now, within the second round of shooting, they're hitting the paper target. Not bulls-eye, but it's not the curtain or floor... It's fun. I even get to shoot for free. :)

I am also now involved with the school's Japanese Association. It's nice to be able to FINALLY talk to people who know Japanese. No offence to Boy in any way, I just don't want to lose my language. I help out in the beginners class, teaching here and there when they want me to. It's been fun and Boy has been going to classes too which makes me so happy to see. I love it when he speaks to me in Japanese too. It always makes me smile because I know he is actually trying. We posted a bunch of Japanese symbols all over the house for him to read and remember. It's cute.

It's been great teaching. Keeping me busy. I may have to not be too involved once I start classes and possibly get a job, but I enjoy it. That's what it's all about isn't it? Doing what you love? I love to teach my hobbies and things I enjoy doing. :)