Thursday, August 8, 2013

More organization

So, yesterday and today were really hard for me to find the little enjoyable things in life...
But instead of dwelling on that, I'm going to name off my thing for today...

I've found myself taking a hobby into decorating the house and getting involved in how to better situate things and organize messes. So after making the calendar for the kitchen, I decided to make a "command center". For just the two of us, I guess we don't really need it, but it's nice to have it for meal planning and groceries and other things. Not to mention I needed somewhere to put my purse. So, I found this old dry-erase/cork board at the local 2nd hand shop. It looked ugly with the white worn and torn border, so I hot clued black fabric onto the edges and in the middle to split up the cork and dry-erase.
Then, I remembered, I HAVE A LAMINATOR! Yeah!!! So I cut out little ribbons for the day of the week and made the menu for the week. Also, Boy had been talking about helping out with chores, but really wasn't sure what needed to be done. So I drew out some little cards with things to do and each day he can choose one to do for the week. Then on the left on the cork, are monthly chores which we do every Saturday! It's the basic heavy duty cleaning. So far it's worked, being you see all the cleaning magnets are under "finished".
After putting up the cork board, I glued some little clips to the bottom for my coupons, cut off the lid to the cork pins and made that a little box to keep them in up there. Underneath the board, I got a little mail file thing and nailed it to the wall. And guess what the tube is! A toilet paper roll covered in blue duct tape for a pencil holder. If you notice next to that I have a hook to hang my purse on and hooks for our keys under that. Yay! I think it works out great. I'm never looking for my keys or have to walk across the room for a pen. It makes me feel better having organization. Yay.

Well, I'm going to dwell on how Boy likes that I make the house clean and pretty as I go to bed. Goodnight.